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"Thanks for the great communication and for providing me with references. I heard back from several and they had a very positive attitude about you and the program itself, so after that and also doing a lot of online research decided to take the plunge! I am really enjoying (yes enjoying!) learning stenography.   So far I really think your program is well put together and thorough and I'm glad I chose StarTran as an online steno school!"
Jeri Preston, StarTranOnline Student



"About StarTran being the best option for real-time CART services, at the time, I did extensive research on theories because I had no clue what to choose. StarTran was the final choice, and I have not regretted this choice for a single moment.  I haven’t had any setback or moment of frustration, simply because I can really relate to your “theory logic.”  For example, there are hardly any briefs that do not click with me. So a huge thank-you for getting me this far! I really cannot say anything negative about last year. So I would love to help you attract new students by simply telling how I have experienced the journey until now."
Theo Tomassen, StarTran Online Graduate, CART Provider





Recent StarTranOnline Graduate Christy Robinson

Christy Robinson

StarTran Online: StarTran Realtime

Court Reporting and Captioning Theory

Would you like to become a court reporter? A captioner? Do legal transcription? Be a cart provider? It all starts with your steno theory.


Steno theory, also known as court reporting theory, is the language of court reporting. It is the first and most important course in court reporting school. In theory class you learn how to write  machine shorthand.     


So theory is the foundation upon which your entire court reporting education and realtime career will be built.  Starting your career with NCRA-approved Startran Realtime Theory will ensure that you have the most solid foundation and state-of-the-art realtime writing theory possible to build speed with and go on to enjoy a successful realtime reporting career of your choice.


Structure - Though you can log in at any time, your daily StarTran Theory practice is planned down to the minute, with material presented in small modules that follow in a logical progression, including new information, abundant practice, checking, testing, reinforcement and progress recording. We've incorporated videos, audio files, textbooks, Reference Manual, and resource downloads, all designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Guidance - Startran Realtime Theory Author Marlene Struss personally guides you through the 40 Lessons of Basic and Advanced Theory.  She not only explains the concepts, but gives tips,  advice and comment on practice habits, time management, motivation, technique, on-the-job examples, common pitfalls, transcript production, and more, to simulate the kind of brick-and-mortar classroom court reporting teaching she has done for many years. And she is available to consult with and answer questions at any time.    


Value -  Even though a dedicated student can complete StarTranOnline in 6-9 months, you will have one year of access.  The extra time can accommodate unforeseen impediments to logging in or can be used for review and further practice.  You get one year of complete access to the StarTranOnline Theory platform for just $1,300. We state the amount proudly because it fulfills one of the original goals of creating StarTranOnline -- to provide qualified and self-motivated students with an affordable way to learn court reporting. For what some court reporting schools charge in a single month, you can COMPLETE the entire StarTran Theory program! There's no need to find yourself in the financial aid loop. If you qualify, PayPal Credit allows you to make your payment over the course of 6 months without penalty. You can save thousands of dollars by learning StarTran Realtime Theory online and maybe tens of thousands if you then transfer to an online speedbuilding course like SimplySteno.


In fact, you can go anywhere to speedbuild with StarTran Realtime Theory and the free 90,000-plus-entry StarTran CAT dictionary.  So even if you planned on attending a college or court reporting school, you will get a better organized, more comprehensive theory, taught by a veteran theory teacher and author at a fraction of the cost if you start with StarTranOnline and transfer to the school upon completion.    


Quality - You could attend the most well-known college with the most advanced technology, but if it doesn't teach a great realtime theory, you're not getting the best court reporting education. Another goal of creating StarTran Realtime Theory in the first place was to give students a truly conflict-free realtime theory, the best court reporting theory possible, one that is logical, consistent, and condensed but allows for personalization without losing realtime integrity. The fact that Startran theory consistently gets great feedback from court reporters, students and teachers alike proves that we have done that. StarTran is one of the few court reporting theories awarded approval by the National Court Reporters Association.


And now StarTran Realtime Theory is presented on an online teaching platform second to none that makes the best use of your valuable time. We encourage you to check out Stened, Phoenix Theory and Stenomaster, because we're confident you'll come back to Startran.  Keep in mind that at StartranOnline, we teach theory - only theory. And because that's all we do, we do it very well. With over 30 years of teaching experience, we know what it takes to give you a jumpstart into speedbuilding and a great career. StarTranOnline is simply the best option for your court reporting education.


You are encouraged to browse the website and contact Marlene with any questions you may have. If you feel you're ready to get started, please join from the Join Now page.



A few more testimonials...

"I LOVE STARTRAN!! I love it, I love it, I love it! I would not be a court reporter today if it weren't for StarTran! I just cannot say enough wonderful things about it! I just think it is the best, the best, best theory ...out there!"
Ann Gunther, StarTran Graduate

"Thank you so much! The whole StarTran theory was perfect for me. I'm now working as a court reporter in California!"
Trudi O'Brien, CSR

"Overall, I think your theory is the best, especially the organization and teaching part of it. The order in which you teach the keys and the thoroughness that you have covered prefixes, suffixes and compound elements is superb...Thanks again for all the help and encouragement."
Rhonda Zacharias, CSR, CRR

"I have found StarTran Realtime Theory to be a very well-designed, streamlined system of writing. It was easy to learn, and the Practice Habits give valuable advice and support that really helps."
Dawn Fisher, StarTran Student


"I went with StarTran because of affordability but also because I believed the step-by-step approach to learning would be beneficial. I have not been disappointed with any aspect of StarTran. It has been an amazing opportunity to learn and I feel fully ready to move on to speedbuilding. I could not have asked for a better experience!"
Christy Robinson, Recent StarTranOnline Graduate