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A convenient, comprehensive, and affordable way to begin a realtime court reporting, captioning, or CART career!

StarTran Online is an online realtime court reporting training program which teaches StarTran Realtime Theory for independent beginning students, court reporting schools, and reporters wanting to upgrade to realtime.

Author Marlene Struss guides students through its 40 Lessons by way of video lectures and explanation, audio dictation, text, graphics, testing, downloaded textbooks, and more. Vocabulary building, writing technique, practice habits, grammar and punctuation tips, career and CAT information and humor incorporated throughout add value and relevance and keep students focused and motivated to succeed. Help and feedback are always only a phone call or email away.

Start your court reporting career at home with StarTran Realtime Theory

Good students, good court reporting programs, good court reporters start in theory class. StarTran Realtime Theory, from the first day of class, ignites the momentum for the next few years in school — and beyond.

StarTran Online realtime court reporting program is packed with features and resources for the serious student

 StarTran Online features an anytime log-in and weekly practice planned down to the minute.  Material is presented in small modules that follow in a logical progression and feed the feeling of accomplishment.

To begin Startran Online, you will need the following equipment, software, and skills

If you need help with any of these things, contact us and we can help point you in the right direction. It’s important to have all these things before you start the StarTran Online program.

Schools, let StarTran Online teach your theory class

Startran Online in the classroom benefits students, supports teachers, and adds continuity to your entire realtime court reporting training program.

Reporters, want to get back into reporting but don’t know where to start with your ancient theory?

You've got to be a little compulsive to take on the task of creating a great court reporting theory.

But someone’s got to do it. And we didn’t stop there. We created a great affordable online realtime theory learning program — and we know what we’re doing.

StarTran Online is simply your best option for success!

You are encouraged to browse the website and contact Marlene with any questions you may have.  If you feel you’re ready to get started, please Join Now!

From The Author

Everyone can agree, no matter what side you're on, that these are exciting but controversial times we live in, where many critical and pivotal issues with immense and lasting consequences for our country and the world are playing out in our courts of law, our news media, and our legislative government.

With the advent of the "fake news" era, at no time in history has it been more important that events and speech be recorded accurately and protected assiduously.

As the impartial verbatim reporter, the official "keeper of the record," you have a ringside seat to the history of now and also the honor and responsibility of preserving exactly what you witness.

It is crucial that you are a highly skilled realtime writer and that you possess a strong moral character. You should have the best foundation upon which to build your speed and accuracy. StarTran Online will give you that and more.

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