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When I started teaching court reporting in the late '70s, it was an exciting time! Computer-aided transcription (CAT) was just coming into being. The idea that a computer would be able to read our stenographic notes and save us the drudgery of dictating for a typist was met with mixed reactions - relief, but also fear that one's notes might not be accurate enough for a computer. 


As a theory teacher, I grasped immediately that computers had a problem too - no brain - and that in order to use them effectively we would have to make fundamental changes in the way we taught and learned steno theory. I wanted to give my students a relevant education. I wanted them to be ready to work in the new computerized world when they graduated.


Quite simply, StarTran Realtime Theory is the result of the saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." It wasn't easy. It took many years, and I had lots of help from family, friends, CAT experts, court reporters, court reporting teachers and especially the many StarTran students who gave feedback and suggestions along the way. Together we have done it right!


Developing StarTran has enriched my life in so many ways. For one, I have earned the satisfaction of knowing that my goal of creating the fastest, most efficient court reporting theory possible, and presenting it in a way that gives both students and teachers the best possible chance of succeeding has been realized. I encourage you to look over some of the other court reporting theories - StenEd, Phoenix, StenoMaster. I'm confident that StarTran strikes the perfect theory balance.


Besides developing the StarTran theory program, my experience in court reporting includes graduating from court reporting school, teaching all reporting subjects including English and verbatim punctuation, coordinating two court reporting departments, proofreading for Superior Court, scoping for several reporters, and achieving NCRA instructor certification. I use StarTran Realtime Theory myself in StarTran Transcription Service, keeping the free CAT dictionary up-to-the-minute relevant.  I would enjoy sharing my experience and, most of all, my theory with anyone who desires to learn the respected skill of realtime writing.

Marlene Struss - Creator of StarTran Realtime Court Reporting Theory