StarTran Highlights


StarTran was written by a Certified Reporting Instructor.


Our "Seven Steps to Success" method explains how to study theory.


Unique and varied practice exercises.


A uniform lesson format for easy learning.


Clarifying illustrations with boldly boxed theory principles.


Note-reading immersion.


Consistent phonetics.


Simplified conflict resolution taught from start to finish.


StarTran emphasizes the economy of stroking.


Briefs that fit the theory - not shoe-horned in.


Simple number system that translates perfectly.


Unique and easy "Compound Elements."


All major punctuation marks are incorporated into practice.


Overview of StarTran Online Court Reporting Program
Everything you need for a solid court reporting, captioning, or CART foundation!

Convenient and Efficient Steno Theory Program


StarTran Online realtime theory program is built upon the same teaching platform as the SimplySteno speedbuilding program, a format that's been utilized by hundreds of successful court reporting students over the years. You'll be able to learn the basics of court reporting at home from the author of NCRA-approved StarTran Realtime Theory, track your work, get expert feedback, and accomplish everything online on your own schedule, utilizing a step-by-step multilateral approach that is simple to follow and proven to be the most effective and efficient method of learning realtime steno theory.


StarTran is Structured for Your Success


There are 40 "Schedules" in the StarTran Online program, corresponding to the 40 Lessons in StarTran Realtime Theory. The first 32 Schedules constitute Basic Theory, which takes you up to the writing of dense literary material, and the final 8 are Advanced Theory where you learn the finer points of writing court and deposition transcripts. One Schedule leads to and prepares you for the next, which, in turn, reviews and builds on everything you've learned already. Each Schedule has a machine shorthand test of the review/application material and a test of the material in the new Lesson. Each Schedule takes an average of 10 to 15 hours to complete, making it easy for you to budget your time. 


Step by Step Through a Comprehensive Learning Experience


You can begin your court reporting education with StarTran Online on any day of the week you choose.  Once you have your user ID and password, your adventure begins as you click "Schedule 1" for an in-depth introduction to all the basic concepts of realtime machine shorthand, including how the very unique steno machine keyboard works and how it communicates with a CAT system (computer-aided transcription) to instantaneously translate your steno writing (we never call it typing) into readable English. With Schedule 2 we start right in, hands-on, with steno machine set-up and proper technique and move through the Schedules one finger and one key at a time. Soon you are reading and writing words in steno, sentences, then paragraph, the speed goes up very gradually, and it begins to be fun!


Over the course of the next 6 to 9 months (the average time to complete the 40 StarTran Online Schedules), we methodically go through everything necessary to correctly write ANYTHING imaginable in the English language on the steno machine. Loads of written and audio practice modules, in-depth video and written explanation, testing, feedback, and  more augment your learning experience all the way to how to write a real court transcript from start to finish. 


StarTran is the Foundation of a Career, not Just a Foreign Language


Along the way, if you are paying attention, you will also have the chance to greatly increase your vocabulary and transcription skills — so important for court reporting — your knowledge of the world of court reporting and captioning, and your understanding of CAT systems. You will be able to download and print each Lesson of the StarTran Realtime Theory textbooks, as well as the invaluable StarTran Reference Manual, which contains all the theory principles, briefs, phrases, conflict resolution, punctuation — everything you've learned — organized in an easy-to-look-up format that you will find handy for the rest of your career.


You will come out the other side armed with your free 90,000-entry StarTran CAT dictionary, writing conflict-free realtime with virtually 100 percent translation at speeds around 60-80 words per minute, trained and ready to go full speed ahead to 225 without hesitation — wherever you go for speedbuilding, way ahead of the rest of the class!


You won't appreciate this as much now as when you graduate from court reporting and see how your colleagues are still struggling with untranslates and conflicts in their writing. All schools will say their theory is a realtime theory, because they may satisfy the very basic principles required for realtime set forth by the National Court Reporters Association. Startran teaches you what you need that other programs never mention . . .


There is simply no better or more thorough foundation for a successful court reporting, captioning, or CART career than StarTran Online.



StarTran Testimonials

"I love StarTran Theory! It was very clear and made total sense. The audios were a challenge, but that's how you learn. I practiced about one to two hours a day and finished Basic and Advanced in about six months."
Leigh Ann Wade - StarTran Student 


"Now that I'm in the field I see the conflicts and problems other reporters have and I'm more thankful than ever that I learned StarTran, a truly conflict-free realtime theory."
Sally Davis, CSR, RPR


It is amazing to me how easy it is to learn the briefs in the advanced section.  I have always tried to look at the word in English and attempt it without looking at the steno.  And in the advanced section it seems like I am able to get the majority of them right off the bat. :)  That is cool! Yes.  I am having a lot of fun with it!
Nancy Larson
StarTran Theory Student


"Everything is going great so far. I love the training format; it's laid out very well. Thanks!"
Christina Alden, StarTranOnline Student